Shelley sensei teaching during fudoshin dojo's grand opening, 2014
Joseph Shelley Sensei began training in the martial arts at the age of 14. In 1994 he discovered Aikido and began his study in the art under the direction of Patrick Cassidy Sensei. When Shelley Sensei moved to San Francisco in 2001 he became a student of Robert Nadeau Shihan at City Aikido where he received his Yondan In 2014. He continues his training and development as a student and instructor under the tutelage of Nadeau Shihan. In 2001 Shelley Sensei became a police officer with the San Francisco Police Department. Over the years he honed his martial skills and tactics working the gritty streets of San Francisco. With years of real world experience and practical application, Shelley Sensei brings a unique prospective to the teaching, study, practice, and development of the art.
Fudoshin Dojo