“Instructors can impart only a fraction of the teaching. It is through your own devoted practice that the mysteries of Aikido are brought to life.” O’Sensei
Through aikido training not only will you develop efficient and powerful martial ability; you will gain inner strength by forging your mind and your spirit. The stress and pressure of serious Aikido training will strengthen the qualities that serve you and shed those which do not. You will come to discover that the human body has natural physical limitations, a plateau of physical performance that cannot be overcome, which will cause you to reflect on the deepest meaning of harmony and conflict. To progress beyond your physical limitations, you quickly learn that you must develop in a deeper way in order to take your training and ability to the next level. Its sincere practice and study deepens our appreciation for the perfection of nature’s balance and brings us back into harmony with our environment, with other people, and with ourselves. Aikido was born through O’Sensei’s lifelong pursuit, manifesting as something that has far greater purpose than mere combat. Morihei Ueshiba intimately recognized and understood the order and power of the original process from which all things evolve. His art was the sword, and his way was Budo. As you train and develop in the art, you will discover what this purpose means for you and it will spill over into every aspect of your being. Aikido cannot be expressed in words alone; it must be experienced to understand its profound nature and purpose.
Fudoshin Dojo